Why Android will overtake iPhone in 2011

As I’m an android convert I may be a little bias writing this, however I think it’s going to happen.

You see, google had always taken the free model with all it’s  products thus leading to a more open product which allows the developers to get in and build cool stuff easily around the perform.  Apple don’t care about the software so much because their share price is more affected by unit sales than community satisfaction.

Overtime this means the more open perform will over take with new features and put speed due to the vast number of contributers.

Apple definitely currently have a better product, well maybe not better, just more polished.   However, if you take into consideration the sheer number of hardware devices supported by the android perform, and the number of units selling, and the fact that apple only have a few devices on the market compared to the number of devices  boasting android, sheer market penetration will be greater over time. 

Alongside this, the fact that there are cheaper devices which run on android means the android platform will gain more exposure to those entering the smartphone market.  Once a person experiences one device, they are more likely to stay with it when they are next shopping.

I personally can’t wait to get myself a tablet as I spend admit of my time on my phone as it’s the only device at home now that I have moved my pc gear to an office – I will post on my decision proceds as it happens.