Whats wrong with Facebook

Let me start of by saying obviously there isn’t much wrong with facebook. Its giving google a run for its money in terms of the most traffic weekly, so obviously they have got it right.

I ended up deactivating my account a couple of months ago as I was a little distracted and I needed to focus on work at the time. Things have quieted since then and I was thinking of getting back on to facebook while exercising a little balance.

This leads me to the main problem with facebook, there is only one category of friend.  Facebook is supposed to be for our social lives, the problem is I had plenty of business contacts on their and I have worked hard to separate these worlds in the ‘real’ world – I would like to do the same on Facebook.

Sure, I could just delete them from my account – however what if that upset the business contacts?  What I would really like is to be able to categorise my existing contacts and separate the two worlds.  This of course would add another level of complexity to any posts made & albums – however I would be prepared to tag each post & album etc. as needed for such a feature.

Maybe the next internet phenomenon will consider this.