USA vs Australia

Howdy Y’all,

A while back I mentioned my wife and I were going overseas for a working holiday.  Well the day has finally come as I write this from my hotel in NYC.

I”m tring to keep this blog more technical than personal, so from a tech level:

  • Mobile is working fine. Called carrier (which is myself) and enabled International roaming, then jumped into settings, call settings, mobile networks and it began searching – then connected to  a local network.  Test sms and it worked so I’m happy.  I won’t actually be using this phone at all anyway – however I needed to be able to received SMS for the NAB’s sms security feature for my online banking.
  • Tomorrow I will go and buy 2x local prepaid sims (hopefully they have micros sim’s for wife’s Iphone) with some data to wack in the Galaxy S.  This really is only for local use here calling places, GPS and google maps, email etc. etc.
  • Internet in the hotel is obviously working, unsecured wireless network? Interesting mentality regarding wifi over here so far – people don’t care about security from what I can gather probably because they don’t have data limits like in Australia.  I will report back here on the internet in the apartment in manhattan, I’m expecting it to be equivalent to telstra cable back in aus – without the data limits.
  • Plenty of funny TV shows like american dad etc. on during the day.  Mind you I’m not used to cable tv (40 channels in the hotel), so maybe this is a common thing for all cable.
  • Power – I bought 2x $10 US – AUS adaptors in the airport in AUS, working like a charm for the laptop.