The old sowing and reaping concept

I have been thinking a bit lately (yes I know, dangerous territory), but the universal concept of sowing and reaping is very real and I have experienced it in a massive way in my life.

If you are an angry person, hateful and spiteful to your friends, jealous of your co-workers and their success, etc. etc. – Ultimately all you are doing is attracting that kind of treatment to yourself.

Think about it, if your driving and you see some guy driving aggressive and angry, speeding and tail gating all these cars, you don’t second guess hurling abuse at him and tail gating him back.  That is sowing and reaping – in the most basic form.

I find this is especially the case in the financial world, not just the relationship world.  The less money has a “hold” on you, the more generous you are with your resources, the less fearful you are of money the more money you will attract.  Money is meant to be spent, its a temporary concept, a short term transfer of resource from person to person.  Please listen to what I’m saying carefully, I’m specifically talking about being generous, not wasteful.

Generosity, or sowing applies to the concepts of investments.  Are you so scared of money, that you would let a potential investment slip past you?  The harder your squeeze your wallet, the harder it is to fit more money in it.  In Business, you sow into your advertising and you reap customers who are attracted to your business through that advertising.  What makes you think the exact same concept doesn’t apply to other areas of your business or other area’s of money?

It’s hard to put into words, but I have learnt that the concept of being wealthy is ultimately very similar to a plumbing analogy.  Your ability to earn money is like a pipe.  Focus on making the pipe bigger and bigger so more water, or finance can flow through you.  But a pipe is designed to transfer water, not hold or store it.  If you take on the role of holding or storing, you have a whole new set of problems to deal with.  Things like financial crisis’s, droughts, natural disasters, competitors will always be a constant threat, not to mention there is no room for new water in the pipe as all the unused water is still sitting in their slow leaking out.

Sow and you will reap – pretty easy. Set your money to work.  I know its been said before, but you really are putting it to work by being generous, by having a sowing heart.  If you sow money wisely to a friend, you might not get money back from them, but I guarantee it will come back elsewhere, its a universal law.

Be fearful, or greedy and refuse to sow and you won’t reap.  You will have to keep working each day to bring home barely enough money for your needs.