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Voice Recognition unimrcp, asterisk & nuance on Centos 5.4 64bit – Part 2

Next is nuance. We negotiated an evaluation of the software from Nuance of Recognizer, NSS & the License Manager, all of which are downloaded from the network area in the Nuance login – which they send you.

At the time of writing I grabbed:

  • NRec-9.0.12-i386-rhel3.tar.gz (Recognizer)
  • NSS-5.1.1-i386-linux.tar.gz (Nuance Speech Server)
  • NSS-Client-5.1.1-i386-linux.tar.gz (Nuance Speech Server Client)
  • NLICMGR-11.4.0c-i386-linux.tar.gz (License Manager)
  • NRec-9.0.0-en-AU.i386-rhel3.tar.gz (Australian Language Pack)
  • NRec-9.0.0-en-US.i386-rhel3.tar.gz (US Language Pack)
  • eval-rec-9.lic (The evaluation license)

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Voice Recognition unimrcp, asterisk & nuance on Centos 5.4 64bit – Part 1

I was given the task of a building a proof of concept for a Voice Recognition system. I did the research and found Nuance seem to be top of there game in terms of Voice Rec and given I am already pretty familiar with asterisk decided to use it. Nuance have an MRCPv2 offering called Nuance Speech Server which speaks to Recognizer, so that lead me to unimrcp. It seems to be a fairly new project with a recent adaptation to connect to asterisk.

This was one of the most difficult configurations of software I have ever done and as it took me a number of days to complete this guide so there may be errors and it may not be complete.

First of all, lets do the easy bits – asterisk.

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