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centos 5.5, ruby, rails and mongrel

Everytime I go and build a box I jump on google and spend 20 minutes trying to find the last guide I used, and of course I can’t find it. So I’m putting a few links here so I can just come here and find them easy!

Follow the instructions for a yum repo with updated packages here

Install everything using: sudo yum –enablerepo=ruby install ruby rubygems ruby-mysql
Install mongrel: sudo gem install mongrel_rails

Ruby On Rails – HOWTO Build Ajax Timer

This is a simple article to demonstrate how easy, simple and effective it can be utilising the web2.0 functionality made simple in Ruby On Rails.
What we are trying to achieve is a javascript timer, which we can use to fire ajax requests to make our screen appear dynamic or automatically update.


Include the Javascript libraries. This is best placed in your layout, so in a default project using the standard layout, open app/view/layouts/standard.rhtml. After the head tag put the following:

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