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How to get Debian Linux, Resin and Java Playing Nicely

Just rebuilding a server of mine and realised I should document the install process required to run my java app on my debian linux server. Few assumptions made here, but this should get you and your app up and running pretty easily.

First of, grab java from sun.com. At the time of writing, this worked for me.

cd /usr/src/
wget http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/6u24-b07/jdk-6u24-linux-x64.bin
chmod +x jdk-6u24-linux-x64.bin

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Remote Business

The concept of a remote business is fantastic, its the dream for many people. Generally people who are working towards remote business are aiming for: Selling some sort of product or service through an automated process, sitting back on the beach with a laptop watching the money roll in. I have good news, such a business is possbile, however its not as easy as it sounds. You need to be prepared for the hard slog, you need to be prepared to learn and continue learning, and you need to be prepared to cough up a little cash.

I have put together 7 steps for starting & setting up a remote business.

1. Find product or wholesaler.

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