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Samsung Galaxy S Darkys Custom Rom

I installed this the other day, and I must admit – its pretty damn good.  I have been out of touch with some of the most recent roms and hacks on the galaxy, mainly because it has been moving so fast!  I followed the guide at xda to install the rom.

Darky has done a wonderful job with this, its just so easy to install.  I installed over JM8 and it almost worked perfectly for me, except I had FC’s (Force Closes) on the calling application every time I received a call.  The solution for this was a factory reset, which is nice and simple through the Clockwork Recovery Console.  This rom will upgrade your phone to JPY, which is Froyo 2.2.1 and is so dam quick you won’t need a lagfix – plus I love the dark feel, and the little tweaks, its fantastic.

I have copied the notes from Darky’s installation guide, and added my own comments.  If you have any issues ask in the comments, or head over to xda and ask Darky Directly.

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