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PPTP connection disconnecting when uploading

I recently re-built my dev box and I use a PPTP connection to connect to various data centres around the place, when I ran into an issue I experienced a while back where the pptp connection would silently die (using pptpconfig on Centos) when I kick of my rsync. Some research lead me to the problem, which was an ‘oversize’ mtu for my little ADSL connection.

sudo nano /etc/ppp/ip-up
Add ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1396 before the last line in the file (above exit 0).

centos 5.5, ruby, rails and mongrel

Everytime I go and build a box I jump on google and spend 20 minutes trying to find the last guide I used, and of course I can’t find it. So I’m putting a few links here so I can just come here and find them easy!

Follow the instructions for a yum repo with updated packages here

Install everything using: sudo yum –enablerepo=ruby install ruby rubygems ruby-mysql
Install mongrel: sudo gem install mongrel_rails