Staying Connected

I have put the finishing touches on my 2nd last website: Simple Faxing.

Anyway enough of that, I have been discussing the move overseas with a number of friends and there seems to be common theme being said, that I won’t be able to grow any of my business while I’m away. Of course my initial response to this, is that I can do anything and it will work, however it something I do need to consider and make plans for. The businesses are structured differenly, so for two businesses my role is supposed to be on a technical level, but even so I am still involved with planning and strategising.

One of the very valid points raised was I won’t be completely upto date with the Australian media, changes in the market and economy so I won’t be able to respond and make changes and adapt to changes. This has highlighted the need for me to be connected with for example and The other fact is the wholesale company has to be cutting edge in the telecommunications industry, so I will need to rely on my business partners.