Some thoughts on Adroll, Adwords, LinkedIn and SEO

I have been reflecting on the various success/failures of my marketing for Simple Telecom lately, and thought I would share a few thoughts.


Adroll is awesome, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it 2 years ago or something. It costs next to nothing compared (10% of my Adwords budget) to my AdWords campaign, delivers highly targeted marketing and bang for buck. The concept is it will track visitors to your website (like Google Analytics does) and then when that visitor visits another site with an advertising slot, it will place your ad on that site. Its really effective, because the visitor is already familiar with your brand and instantly recognises it.

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Google Adwords

Adwords is always a stable component of my marketing. I have obtained maybe 70% of my customers via Google and I would suggest half of that traffic came through my adwords campaign. The only tip I have to adwords is to pay a professional to set up your campaign for you. I paid a guy maybe 4 months ago, only cost me a couple hundred and he half my CPC. So I now get 2x the traffic for the same dollar. Magic.


Not really happy with LinkedIn, Their minimum CPC, and minimum spends would put me at a similar spend to Adwords and that was just for a trial! I can’t commit to that level of spend just for a trial.

I contacted their support and let them know of the issue, however they were very dis-interested, so I have taken my business elsewhere.

I have used a few of the $50 trial credit things with them, no conversions or noticeable traffic. I’m talking 2-3x more expensive than Adwords, its just hard to value the traffic at that level.


The hardest thing about spending money on SEO is knowing where to spend it. Natural search engine traffic accounts for around 50% of my signups, however I know that its a combined effort. My customers seem to search around, become familiar with my brand then when they come to actually signup, they click the natural link in Google which gets allocated the conversion.

Now I say all this because I attribute a lot of success to natural rankings, I have seen it in many businesses, I have helped many of my friends achieve success with SEO so I know its the key to a good sales process.

Ok so what should you spend your time/money on for SEO? Read my book. Haha, but here is a quick overview…

  • Optimise your website
  • Refresh your content occasionally (6 monthly)
  • Start a blog and write awesome articles linking to your business
  • Hire an employee and have them contribute to forums and post super high quality comments on the best blogs on the internet
  • Hire an employee to write super high quality articles and submit them to article directories.

There is nothing new in that list, if you have ever done any research on SEO you will see everyone says the same thing, Links, articles etc. Quality is the key, if you put spam out there, Google will just ignore it and you will have wasted everyones time.