samsung galaxy s with windows 7 64 bit

Samsung Galaxy S – getting it to work with Windows 7 x64.

I have revised my original post with my most recent experience – and I documentted it closely to help everyone out there.

I started with a freshly installed windows 7 64bit install.  I have already installed all the other drivers and applications that I required for my PC previous, but today I decided to copy some music onto my phone when I realised I hadn’t set it up to work on this PC yet.

First things first, Turn USB debugging mode ON on your phone. (settings button, settings, applications, Development, USB Debugging – check it)

Here is the things I tried to fix it:

  1. Plugged phone in, nothing on phone, nothing on PC. Didn’t even have the little USB icon on the phone.
  2. Reboot phone – Leave it plugged into USB.
    While it was rebooting, I noticed Windows ‘installing’ some drivers.  When it finished rebooting, the USB icon was present. I enabled mass storage mode on the phone. No Luck yet.
  3. Installed drivers from Unzip and double click setup, follow prompts.
    At this point, windows installed some drivers behind the scenes, and the explorer window popped up prompting me to explore the new drive.