Revised your marketing recently?

I have spend the past few months looking at ways to increase the traffic to my sales websites – which should be a normal process for anyone running an internet related business.  As always, I was discussing this with a few of my friends who are in online business, and one suggested getting someone to look over my Adwords account.

Initially, I dismissed his idea – I’m a tech, well at least I used to be a tech – what could someone else show me about adwords? Haha.  6 months later, I decided that maybe I don’t everything and I would be happy to part with a little cash to get someone’s opinion.  He came in, adjusted lots of settings, setup new campaigns and added a few extra network based advertisements.

Wow – 1 month later, and I’m getting 2x the traffic for EXACTLY the same spend, this means my CPC has halved! Talk about instant results.

After this, I then went back and re-activated my Yahoo/Bing advertising account – I haven’t had any luck with this – seems Microsoft have totally broken the advertising platform.

I then tried the Linked In advertising platform, my opinion on this is it’s very expensive.  Over $2 per click, (which is 2x more than adwords), and they have all these minimums which make trialling the system unworkable.  I even contacted support so see if they would assist – seems they aren’t interested in my business.

Now enter Adroll, I made a guest post on a friends blog about my experience, now 3 months on – I have probably had 10 conversions through their system and I’m very happy with the results.  I even see my ad’s around the place myself and I’m confident the readvertising campaign system works perfectly for my set of products.

Lastly, but most importantly SEO! I have been slowly building a new system for SEO, completely white hat of course, and you know what? Its working very well.  My keywords are very very competitive, I am confident there are at least 10 of my competitors paying for SEO services, so maintaining my 3-5 position across a range of keywords is definitely something to be proud of.  I am currently spending around about the same amount of money on Adwords as I am SEO, on things like article writing, manual link buildling, software – etc. Can’t give all my secrets away!