Relevance of Social Marketting

Having spent a fair bit of time using facebook and lurking on various forums I have come to the conclusion social marketting may not be for you – well it isn’t quite for me anyway.

If you sell products B2B (Business to Business) you are probably going to have a hard time getting social to work for you.  Now I say that in a very generalised manner, because I’m sure it can be done.  For me, my products don’t have any news.  I don’t publish special deals, I’m not trying to appeal to the mass market who are attracted to shiny things and big discounts.  I’m after business.

Now the argument here is that plenty of my target business people who make the decisions are probably heavy facebook and twitter users.  I know for me, I have been attracted to the occasional advert on facebook – but its never for a business related product – Things like xbox or some event or special t-shirt deal.  I’m in social mode when I’m on facebook and my business brain is switched off.

So if you can find a method of making your B2B product relevant to the social side of the prospective customer maybe you can make social marketting relevant.