The old sowing and reaping concept

I have been thinking a bit lately (yes I know, dangerous territory), but the universal concept of sowing and reaping is very real and I have experienced it in a massive way in my life.

If you are an angry person, hateful and spiteful to your friends, jealous of your co-workers and their success, etc. etc. – Ultimately all you are doing is attracting that kind of treatment to yourself.

Think about it, if your driving and you see some guy driving aggressive and angry, speeding and tail gating all these cars, you don’t second guess hurling abuse at him and tail gating him back.  That is sowing and reaping – in the most basic form.

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Facebook vs Google and the 100bn price tag


I have been watching the very public floating of Facebook and it has me thinking. How do Facebook plan to really monetize their 900 million users?

To discuss this properly, lets have a good look at how the Google business model works. Like Facebook, In the companies early days, Google built a massive user base and heaps of traffic through their website, however they didn’t have a method of making money of all that traffic.

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Starting an Online Business

When your starting your new business, one of the first things you need to consider is how to market to your clients. You will soon learn that marketing is the number 1 priority for gaining customers, closely followed by converting your marketed clients into paying clients, or conversions.

The process is very critical for websites, you want to:

  1. Drive relevant traffic to your website. (Marketing)
  2. Convert that traffic into paying customers. (Converting)

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Are 1800 Numbers going to be free from mobiles?

I was just reading an article talking about how they are planning to petition to make Mobile phone carriers change the rules surrounding the call charges for the so called ‘free call’ 1800 services in Australia.

I have always wondered why it has taken them so long to do this – especially considering its supposedly called a ‘free call’. Ha.

Anyway, the article is available here.  I will be keeping a keen eye on this – I imagine if it goes forward it will suddenly make 1800 services more expensive to my telecommunications company on a wholesale level, or it could change the whole market.  See we are currently at around 90% 1300 number usage (in my customer base anyway).

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