My Centos 5 Setup Guide

Ok, so I am rebuilding my test server and I thought I would document the steps taken in case I or anyone else needs to refer to them.

Step 1 – install centos 5 – grab the dvd iso from one of the mirrors.

Step 2 – set it up as desktop + server (As I need the gui stuff to get pptpconfig working)

Step 3 – Once your up and running, configure internet access, assign static ip, configure gateway and configure resolv.conf

Step 3.1 – Fix yum to make smart decisions about 64 bit packages.
use the “exclude=*.i386 *.i586 *.i686″ line in your [main] section on /etc/yum.conf to exclude all 32bit pacakges

Step 4 – Setup some repo’s as root:

wget rpm -Uhv rpmforge-* rpm --import rpm -Uvh yum --enablerepo=pptp-stable install pptpconfig

Step 5 – Setup pptpconfig – as this is my first priority so my test server can access my Company vpn to download all the config’s required.

yum install pptpconfig

Once its installed, go Application, Internet, PptpClient – wack all the details in. For my vpn, I need to add rules to access my destination network: as well as disable/enable the correct encryption type. Remember to press update when you make a change.

Step 6 – Install a VNC Server

yum install x11vnc

Once its installed, open the configuration, enter a password and select ‘Accept Connections’.

Step 7 -Now Install ruby as per: ruby on centos