Maintain Motivation through Discipline

I was just doing a little surfing through my regular forums and discovered this.  I was listening to a speaker last night say that Discipline is the most important life skill you will ever learn, imagine having the ability to do everything you are supposed to do, and would like to do every day?

I love the idea of this, I’m so far from it myself, its quite disappointing really.  Why is it so hard to get up every day at the same time and goto the Gym before work?  Why is it so hard to maintain motivation for work day in day out, month after month? I have been blessed with such an automatic style of business which is very passive.  I think this is also a curse, as without solid work to bite into each day, I loose motivation.

If I really wanted to be successful, in the same manner as needing to breathe, I wouldn’t have this issue.  Time for me to rethink some things I think.