Its funny how things work out

Business is always an exciting realm. I was reflecting on the last 6 months in business and its been very interesting. I ended up making some decisions I thought were best at the time with a strong belief things would work out, and low and behold finally they have.

Its such a relief to take a stand for what you believe in and whats best for you and it actually works out in your favour. I just have to remember this time down the track and draw on the experience because I know life will not always be like this.

On Another note..
The plans for moving overseas are going very well. Iā€™m bashing my way through the last stages of this project that I want completed before I leave, and I should even have some time to polish it and give some other tasks some much needed time.

We have booked our apartment, we will be living in 13th street, in NYC from when we arrive until mid January ā€“ VERY exciting! I also went out and bought some feral bright green luggage from ebay ā€“ which I have just resold on ebay! The other day I managed to pick up some good Antler luggage from Myer which was on sale ā€“ much better decision.