How to grow your business for free

I’m taking a new strategy with simple telecom, I am already advertising at a solid rate – however I want to grow quicker. This got me thinking, how can I grow my business for free?

Connect with your customers!  For me this means frequenting a forum for small business owners.  I post on there in my spare time, and I don’t mean spam, just be helpful.  If people want feedback – give it, spend the time helping.  Put links in your signature and do up your profile page.  You can expect results from this after 3-6 months of contributions.

Talk to your existing customers.  For me I take the honesty path.  A conversation like: “hey Steve, I’m looking to expand my business, do you have 2 minutes right now?  Would you know any other businesses that you deal with who would be interested in the services I offer?  Would you mind putting a quick list together for me to contact?  Would you mins mentioning me to these people, I would really appreciate it, (maybe offer a discount if you want)”.

If you can get your customers giving you referrals – this means they are happy with you and your getting free advertising.

My last tip is personally the hardest one, however I’m determined to make it work. This is whet I’m going to do:

Make a list of 20 prospective clients.  Research each business, get the business address, contact numbers and names preferably of the decision makers.  Make sure whatever your selling is relevant for them.

Now at this point I’m going to  visit each one, talk to reception and request to make an appointment with the relevant person eg. Manager, financial controller, accountant, owner or decision maker. Cold calling maybe an option for you, however it’s a lot harder to say no in person.

Once you have that appointment, it’s all up to you to make that sale.

This last suggestion will be refined as you give it a try.  You will discover certain times of the day may work better, certain business types and different approaches in terms of marketing pitch.  If any one has any thing to add please do, I would love to hear from you.

Good luck!