Great Quote

I was reading some trashy blog on news, and in a comment I saw someone say: “Own your decisions, both the good and the bad”.

What an amazing statement. With the up’s and downs of life, I have been doing a lot of internal reflections lately and have noticed a tendency in some of the people in my world to not own their bad decisions in life. I get it really, my peers and I have all grown up in a society that no longer forces us to do this.  I guess I’m thankful that I was forced to live with my decisions by my parents, but where does this leave other people?

I don’t have a solution or even a suggestion on how to convey this message to the people that need it.  If you have never had to take responsibility, why would you suddenly start now?

If you can find someone to ‘fix’ your problems, this means you don’t have to deal with it right?

If that person tires of you or stops fixing issues for you to a certain standard, you just move on and find a new person to do it?

Its a vicious circle.  Gen Y are portrayed in this light by the media all the time and even though I am Gen Y, I actually agree with it.  It is literally a Generation of people who have never experienced ‘tough’ times.  We lived through one of the biggest property booms of all time, most of our parents made bulk money during this period – and thus have allowed us a certain standard of living other generations have never experienced.

Finally, my last rant for today is people who live at home.  Now this isn’t a blanket statement, this is targetted at those Gen Y’ers who have been living at home for extended periods of time (more than 6 months in a 5 year period).

Why are they STILL living with their parents? Now, either I had a terrible batch of parents – because I couldn’t wait to get out of that place – OR – its just so easy and comfortable for these people, they are so ‘babied’ by their parents, they never feel the need to stand up and live.  In my opinion, its one of the biggest problems Australia is going to face in the next decade.

This ‘babied’ attitude to life means Gen Y aren’t any good to employe, as they feel the world owes them something.  They never take a step out, they don’t share with people, have flat mates or anything – and thus miss that whole section of life.  Your meant to experience flatting or sharing – as it gives you reason to value your own place once you get it because you know what its like to not have your own place.

They don’t strive for finacial independance, they waste money on cars instead of having a bomby uni car.  Your meant to have a bomby car, so that once you can afford a good car, you treat it with respect.

As for a fix? who knows.