Google the Frenemy

Read a really interesting article from Infocommerce Group website, which has said it perfectly:

The bottom line is that Google has evolved over the years, and consequently publishers need to evolve in their thinking towards Google. The term “frenemy” was coined to summarize our confusion about how we should best interact with Google. The emerging reality seems to be that while Google can still bring benefit to all of us, it’s a mistake for any of us to depend on Google for our business. That’s a big statement to make, but from both a strategic and operational perspective, Google is an unstable platform

This statement says it all for me. The real question is, how do you build an online business, where your natural Google ranking is responsible for a large percentage of your online sales?

Googles answer is obviously AdWords, but I know for me I’m getting diminished ROI on AdWords, more spend doesn’t equal more customers.  That leaves Everything else!  My strategy is shaping up to be:pump LinkedIn, pump Twitter, pump Facebook, pump your blog, frequent forums and post helpful content, pump AdRoll and lastly do some SEO.