Getting internal speakers to work on imac running bootcamp and windows 7

I was attempting to get windows 7 working nicely on my wife’s new imac, everything went quite smoothly as expected from apple, until she opened up itunes and discovered there was no sound.

So at this pont I had followed other guides, which meant in osx, open up bootcamp assistant which is located in applications, utilities.

Press start install, wack your windows dvd in and let it do it’s thing.

Now once installed, to fix the sound issue, pop your osx dvd into the machine. Cancel the auto installer then open up device manager. Locate the currently installed sound driver device, right click, properties, update driver.

At this point we need to extract the drivers from the dvd. So open up a new windows explorer, navigate to the dvd, open bootcamp, drivers and you should see a realtek exe installer.

Double click this, let it run until it asks you a installation question, then cancel it.  In you temp dir, c:users{user}localappdatatempRarSFX0 you should find the files the realtek installer.

So back in the driver update window, follow the options to install the drivers manually.  When given the option to ‘have installation disk’ choose this and use the realtek directory located before.

It should give you an option to install the hd audio drivers.  When done you may need to reboot.

Please let me know if this helps you, or if you have any issues put a comment in and i’ll do my best to help.