Check if Nuance Evaluation has expired

If you development life cycle is anything like mine, it can be weeks/months before you get back to testing the original system.  I jumped in to test some sound files and discovered it wasn’t working – and the error code given was useless.

I knew the evaluation license may be expiring soon, so I thought I would check that first. A google revealed nothing, so I thought I would put the steps up here.

Step 1.
Login to our box and set things up so you can do your testing.
Some recogniser path variables required to run the sample file:

export SWISRSDK=/usr/local/Nuance/Recognizer export LDLIBRARYPATH=$SWISRSDK/lib:$LDLIBRARYPATH export PATH="$SWISRSDK/bin:$PATH"

Step 2.
Now running the test and evaluating the results will tell you if there is an error with the license.

cd /usr/local/Nuance/Recognizer/samples/swirec_sample/ ./SWIrecsample

Step 3.
Restart stuff

service NSSservice restart

Further on, here are my notes for upgrading license ports and other stuff.

checking machine tag for license registration:

cd /usr/local/Nuance/license_manager/components/ ./lmutil lmhostid

installing new lic file:

/usr/local/Nuance/licensemanager/components/ /usr/local/Nuance/licensemanager/license/license_2010xxx.lic


nano /usr/local/Nuance/Recognizer/config/Baseline.xml service NSSservice restart tail -f /usr/local/Nuance/SpeechServer/server/logs/nss.log /usr/local/Nuance/licensemanager/license/nuance-lic.log