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OSX PPTP: Only route VPN traffic to VPN

So my new macbook air ‘out of the box’ wasn’t able to connect to one of my data centres which requires connection via PPTP VPN.

This was very annoying, as a mobile solution for accessing the network was the macbook Air’s primary job in life.  Few googles later I found the solution.  The OSX vpn client doesn’t automatically create the relevant routes.  There is an option to push all traffic through the VPN, or none.  What if you just want to push relevant traffic to the VPN? ie. to access intranet or internal VPN services?

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Plesk upgrade from PHP 5.1 to latest

Its quite simple actually – but I had to google for ages trying to find the answer.

wget -q -O - | sh
yum upgrade php* mysql*

Bear in mind this will do a server upgrade – but seeing as this is a webserver, its probably best to have the latest versions for everything in terms of less security vulnerabilities.

EDIT> More things I needed to document. Incresing the amount of IMAP connections allowed as Thunderbird was erroring out.

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JQuery – Traversing the DOM

I was writing a little script to make my Click to Call product talk nicely with JQuery and encountered many problems – so I thought I would put some of the problems and my solutions to them.

Firstly, the goal was to create a ‘dynamic’ version of the click to call service – which previously has been hardcoded using element ID’s with remote javascript.
So the first goal was removing all that and using classes and relying on the DOM to make sure I had the correct elements selected.

The Click to Call system uses a timer with a curl request to the switch to monitor progress of the call – so I needed to make sure I had state and kept track of which ‘click to call’ form was being used.

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