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The old sowing and reaping concept

I have been thinking a bit lately (yes I know, dangerous territory), but the universal concept of sowing and reaping is very real and I have experienced it in a massive way in my life.

If you are an angry person, hateful and spiteful to your friends, jealous of your co-workers and their success, etc. etc. – Ultimately all you are doing is attracting that kind of treatment to yourself.

Think about it, if your driving and you see some guy driving aggressive and angry, speeding and tail gating all these cars, you don’t second guess hurling abuse at him and tail gating him back.  That is sowing and reaping – in the most basic form.

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Great Quote

I was reading some trashy blog on news, and in a comment I saw someone say: “Own your decisions, both the good and the bad”.

What an amazing statement. With the up’s and downs of life, I have been doing a lot of internal reflections lately and have noticed a tendency in some of the people in my world to not own their bad decisions in life. I get it really, my peers and I have all grown up in a society that no longer forces us to do this.  I guess I’m thankful that I was forced to live with my decisions by my parents, but where does this leave other people?

I don’t have a solution or even a suggestion on how to convey this message to the people that need it.  If you have never had to take responsibility, why would you suddenly start now?

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Buy and Sell

After a fair bit of research we have finally found a piece of land that we would like to build on when we get back from OS.  We are seeing the real estate agent today to put an offer on it.  At the same time we will be listing our current place with the same agent – give them some incentive to sell!