Broken tab in ssh shell

I encountered an error on a shell I just purchase from an overseas supplier.  Whenever I pressed the tab key, I would get:

-sh: <( compgen -d — ‘Am’ ): No such file or directory
-sh: <( compgen -f -X  — ‘Am’ ): No such file or directory

Now, tab is a very very important tool for linux command line use, so I just had to fix it.

Here are the steps:

Determin which shell you are currently using, and refresh it:

$ which bash


$chsh -s /bin/bash {username}

Then you can verify you have changed the shell by doing a:

$ grep {username} /etc/password

If you have permission to the password file, you should see /bin/bash at the end of your password entry.  Logout/login and tab should be fixed!