Asterisk and Click To Call Services

I received an interesting phone call today from a prospective client who was looking to supply a very intricate click to call interface to his website visitors.

Basically he wanted the ability to:

  • Provide any number of ‘individual’ click to call services to individual’s in his company from different areas of the website
  • Have these services live so that if the individual was unavailable, it would disable the click to call functionality

Now the first point is easy, my existing click to call service can handle this.  The problem arises in the integration with his Asterisk server, and the ability to confirm whether a contact was available at that point in time (of loading the webpage – or using some ajax solution).

The business man in me wanted to sell him my existing solution, however it didn’t really tick all the boxes for the client, so he moved on.  This has led to the developer in me wanting to explore this more and find out initially if there even is a possible solution using asterisk.

More to come, I shall start researching now!