Monthly Archives: May 2011

Book Keeping Services

Just doing a quick plug for a book keeper that I know and would recommend.

Sunshine Coast Book Keeping Services

As your business grows, having someone take over your book keeping and accounting should be one of the first things you outsource – because lets face it, its not a fun job, it takes ages for us to complete and unless your completely upto date with the latest information from the ATO – then its probable that your not doing the best job possible.

Give Darcy Services a call, I’m sure the team would love to help you.

Great Quote

I was reading some trashy blog on news, and in a comment I saw someone say: “Own your decisions, both the good and the bad”.

What an amazing statement. With the up’s and downs of life, I have been doing a lot of internal reflections lately and have noticed a tendency in some of the people in my world to not own their bad decisions in life. I get it really, my peers and I have all grown up in a society that no longer forces us to do this.  I guess I’m thankful that I was forced to live with my decisions by my parents, but where does this leave other people?

I don’t have a solution or even a suggestion on how to convey this message to the people that need it.  If you have never had to take responsibility, why would you suddenly start now?

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