1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers

I get asked by almost every single customer to explain how 1300 numbers work on a daily basis, so this has prompted me to write a series of articles asking and answering some of the common questions I receive.  I am going to put these articles up in simple1300numbers as well as information for my customers.

The first set of questions we have is:

How do 1300 Numbers work?

1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers are what we like to call VIRTUAL numbers.  They don’t exist in a physical sense, they are just a pointer to an answer point or complex configuration, and thus only exist in the telecommunications cloud.

Does having a 1300 Number affect my Mobile?

No, you can receive calls from your 1300/1800 service direct to your mobile with no problem.  Your carrier won’t charge you anything for the call – its exactly the same as if someone dialled your mobile number directly.

Do I need to install another line for the 1300 Number?

No, You can point your 1300 number to your current fixed line at your business or home – or as above to your mobile.

Which plan is best for me?

Referring to the plans listed here. Well to answer this question, I usually ask how long the business has been established, how many calls do you currently receive for your business, do you advertise specifically to a local market (your neighbourhood) and are you taking calls to your mobile or fixed line (or combination). Most people fall into two catagories.

*The Entry Plan: *This is best for any startup business, or if your business receives around 1-2 calls per day.  Doesn’t matter where your advertise, and doesn’t matter how you answer as your saving money with the $5 credit and low monthly fees.

The Light Plan or higher: This is best for any business who answers their calls on a Fixed line and/or advertises to a local market as they can make us of the free calls for 15 mins.  I verbally tell my customers that once they reach around the $100/month mark to give me a call and I will do them a special deal based on the traffic they currently have – and its always better rates that the Heavy Plan.

In the next section we deal with questions relating to Choosing a 1300 Number.