Expanding your Mind

I recently started doing some study (EMBA @ QUT) and wow the brain explosion has begun.  It’s been a good 10 years since I did any formal study and I’m really conflicted.

Its hard to explain how it feels. I really want to complete this study, in fact I’ve made a commitment that I will, there is no other option.  It’s a love hate thing.  I hate the ‘formal’ side of masters level study, with the specific processes you have to follow to submit assessment, the level of collaboration allowed and how that really contrasts to “real world”.  But, I really love the content and my cohort.  Its amazing seriously, to be in a room with a group of people all there for the same or very similar reasons as you.  Its all about the content, and I’m sure for a few of my fellow students, its also the pot of potential gold the qualification will give them at the end.

I guess the most important thing is my enthusiasm for business is back, and its back in a strong way.  Being in a positive, educational environment does wonders for moral and especially as a long term business person who has mainly been working and making decisions as an individual, the environment is really amazing.

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New Service – 1300 numbers connect to SIP (asterisk etc.)

$ dollarsSo I’ve been busily upgrading systems, building control panels and testing everything and I’m finally ready to launch the new Simple Telecom – 1300 to SIP product for just $5/month with inbound calls charged at $0.025/minute.

The first thing you will notice is It’s dirt cheap.  Its a tech self service product which is prepaid only, so, as my time and risk is eliminated, I’ve passed on the pricing as cheap as I can.

Really, this product is for all you IT guys out there.  This version of my 1300 numbers will allow you to connect your 1300 numbers straight into your Voip platform.  It has been tested connecting into Asterisk, Trixbox and many other specific VoIP systems and should be compatible with any platform which supports SIP.  Also, I’m always keen to add more so get in touch with me if you are having issues with your system.

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Call Answering Services – Free Trial

I’m pretty pumped, I’ve been hard at work coding up new services and functionality for the Call Answering Service that Simple Telecom offers.

We have expand to now have 4 variations of the service, each level gets a little more tricky and has expanded functionality on the last:

  • Simple Answering – This is your basic offering where we will take answer the call in your business name, then grab the callers name and number and send it through to you.
  • Tele Receptionist – A full blown virtual receptionist, All the above features but also include the ability to Warm Transfer & Blind Transfer calls to specific people. (Warm transfer confirms your available before transferring – Blind is blind).  Also the operator can ask specific questions, and send message through to specific people on demand.
  • Bat Phone – This is a complete escalation service, perfect for your after hours emergency scenario’s.  You can change the list of numbers at any time, change advanced options like who get’s SMS at various stages, ask the caller questions etc. Its pretty advance, and it has a cool name and logo!
  • Tele Clerk – All the features from the above service – AND the ability to take specific orders from your customers. Credit cards, delivery addresses – you name it, we can do it.

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So Google hates you, now what?

Ok so, Google sent me to the sin bin due to some competition running negative SEO campaigns at my money site.  I went from 1st to 100+ for “1300 numbers” – pretty tough bullet to bite hey.

My Recovery is on track, but its realistically a 6-12 month comeback.

Anyway, now what?  I’ve spent the past few months redesigning my business as if Google didn’t exist.  Yes I still use Adwords – Its the best marketing tool ever, but what if it stopped working all of a sudden? Google was my only egg in my basket, what a massive risk.

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Google the Frenemy

Read a really interesting article from Infocommerce Group website, which has said it perfectly:

The bottom line is that Google has evolved over the years, and consequently publishers need to evolve in their thinking towards Google. *The term “frenemy”* was coined to summarize our confusion about how we should best interact with Google. The emerging reality seems to be that while Google can still bring benefit to all of us, it’s a mistake for any of us to depend on Google for our business. That’s a big statement to make, but from both a strategic and operational perspective, Google is an unstable platform

This statement says it all for me. The real question is, how do you build an online business, where your natural Google ranking is responsible for a large percentage of your online sales?

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